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Calm Down Kit

Calm Down Kit

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Our Calm Down Kit is designed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in child wellbeing, including psychology, education, and social work. The kit is designed to help you support your children to managing their big emotions. It is the best of our content and research based.

Through an online module and workbook Anna and Kate from the Real Parents Team will talk you through the psychology of children’s emotions and how you can introduce your children to the fun resources and strategies included in the kit and support the development of their emotional regulation. 

The Calm Down Kit includes a video module explaining strategies, a workbook with weekly actions, How Do I Feel Cards for emotional literacy, Kuwi and Friends emotions magnets for expression, an Aroha’s Tree Poster and Sticker Book for comfort, Let it Flow book for regulation strategies, ingredients for a calming glitter jar, and fun breathing cards. 

Learning to manage and regulate big emotions is fundamental for your children and their ability to thrive - it supports all facets of their development - their behaviour, academic engagement and ability to make good friends.


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